Board of Elders

  • Mike Carle - Elder
  • Troy Decker - Elder
  • Mark Gerber - Elder
  • Kyle Goerz -
  • Brad Long - Elder
  • Brent Scheideman - Elder
Mike Carle - Elder

Mike Carle


Occupation: Mental Health Professional (therapist)
Family members: Janet, Melissa, Justin, Michaela and Anna
Hobbies: Yard work & garden, feeding & watching birds, photography & golfing.
Years attended Riverside: 20
Other interesting info.: I am originally from Duluth and I love that area. I have traveled throughout Europe when I was in the Navy. I would love to go back to a small Greek Island called Rhodes and vacation. I also have a secret hope someday to go to Australia and New Zealand. I also enjoy motorcycling and hope to soon start cycling again. Finally, I enjoy flying. I used to work on an aircraft in the Navy. I built 747's for Boeing. Aviation has always been an interest of mine.
Troy Decker - Elder

Troy Decker


Occupation: Physician Assistant (Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine)
Family Members: Jaci, Andrew, Emma, Grant and Amelia
Hobbies: fly fishing, hunting, skiing, singing
Years attending Riverside: 10
Other interesting info: I love teaching the students at Riverside about who Jesus Christ is and how to follow Him. I am blessed to have a family and a church that desires to glorify God.
Mark Gerber - Elder

Mark Gerber


Occupation: Remodeling and home inspection.
Family Members: Colleen, Jordan (Lydia), Michael
Years attended Riverside: 10
Kyle Goerz -

Kyle Goerz

Occupation: Sales Engineer
Family Members: Wife Leanne, sons Brandon and Jordan
Hobbies: Music (listening, singing, playing), Woodworking, Tinkering with Cars, Small Group Leading
Years attending Riverside: 15
Other interesting info: My wife and I are originally from Canada and moved ‘down south’ to Minnesota in 2001. We love attending and serving at Riverside and are blessed to call it our church home. I have traveled extensively as part of my job and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Favorite place visited so far: Hobart, Tasmania (Australia.)
Brad Long - Elder

Brad Long


Occupation: Information Systems Director, General Mills
Family members: Joel (pronounced Jo elle) , Jacob and Aaron
Hobbies: Sports, coaching, hunting, tennis, kid's activities
Years attended Riverside: 20
Other interesting info.: I love being a part of a church that is focused on spreading the Good News of Christ. I also enjoy teaching bible studies that focus on "the fundamentals" to those new in faith. I am truly blessed to be a part of our Riverside family!
Brent Scheideman - Elder

Brent Scheideman


Occupation: Doctor of Chiropractic
Family Members: Tricia and Eli
Hobbies: golf, reading, all sports, scuba diving
Years attended Riverside: 9
Other interesting info.: I've coached High School Football for 8 years.
I've been in a coma.
I played College Football.