Monthly Financial Update

July 2018

July was an solid month at Riverside!

We saw many people in July continue to take next steps in their relationship with Jesus and we celebrate each one as it means growth and transformation is happening every week through all the ministries here. And we celebrated with people who took their first step of faith and crossed the line of faith and said “Yes” to Jesus as Lord, also! This is why Riverside Church exists.

Our series starting July 1 called Don’t Forget has been an effective tool in God’s hands in the lives of people as we have received feedback about how the Lord is working. Our end of summer series, Unscripted, starts in August and ends Labor Day weekend.

Our Sauk Rapids campus had a good month for the middle of summer. Guests have been coming many Sundays and there have been some effective bridge building events to the community happening. And the start of a viable Student Ministries work has been encouraging so far.

Growth in attendance between our two campuses is happening and giving for July was good in the Fuel for Ministry fund, and really strong for the Fuel for Missions fund.

Digital giving makes such a huge difference in so many people’s lives here. It helps people develop the consistent practice of the grace of giving and putting God first in their finances. 61% of all our giving happens digitally. You can still give it a try this summer (“Automate the Important”).

Pray for everyone who considers Riverside Church their spiritual home to practice the grace of giving and generosity being just a “normal” response for our church so we can reach more people for Jesus. We have a new budget goal to reach that will require an increase in our giving. But as we have seen, God is faithful!

Thanks to all of you who give to the Lord’s work through Riverside Church. It makes a difference in real people’s lives here and around the world every week.

Both the opportunities and obstacles we face are very real, as they are for any of God’s churches seeking to partner with Him in making a Kingdom impact. Keep praying that God will clearly lead us, empower us by His Spirit, and show us His ways.

God is at work in and through Riverside, touching the lives of thousands of people in significant ways. Your gifts help make that happen, both now and for eternity.

God bless you all!
Pastor Tom

Weekly Averages for July 2018

  • Sunday Attendance: 1,412
  • Fuel for Ministry Fund (formerly the General Fund): $50,506.11 (Our new approved united/multi-campus weekly budget is $66,466.71 (53 weeks)).
  • Fuel for Global Missions Fund: $4,961.79
  • Approximate cash able to set aside for multisite: $2,894,388

Weekly Averages for July 2018

Financial Figures for July 2018

Actual Giving vs. Actual Expenses
>> Year to Date Approved Budget $324,326
>> Year to Date Giving $244,190
>> YTD Difference $80,136

>> Year to Date Approved Budget $324,326
>> Year to Date Expenses $219,315
>> YTD Difference $105,011

Actual Giving vs. Actual Spending
>> Giving To Date $244,190
>> Expenses To Date $219,315
>> Difference $24,875