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Date Title Series Speaker
2/19/2018 Typical Tychicus

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/11/2018 Predictable Epaphras

Who was Epaphras, & why is he worth imitating in our lives?

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/4/2018 Only Idiots?

Even Jesus' closest followers were ordinary people, but what made them for extraordinary?

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/28/2018 So-So Silas

When’s the last time your day didn’t go according to plan? How do we live lives of faithfulness in the midst of the unknown & tough in life?

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Nate Sickler
1/21/2018 Everyday Epaphroditus

Who was Epaphroditus, what was he gambling & why? What can we learn about this ordinary man from the Bible?

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/14/2018 Obscure Onesiphorus

Who is Onesiphorus (how do you even pronuounce that), and what kind impact did he have with those around him?

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/7/2018 Average Andrew & Plain Philip

t's easy to forget that most of what God accomplishes throughout history and around the world, He does through people most would regard as unremarkable/insignificant from a human perspective. What can we take from the examples of Andrew & Phillip in the Bible?

Nothing Ordinary Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/1/2018 Boxing Up Jesus

No matter who you are or what your spiritual journey has been you have something incredible to unbox with Jesus. What are some truths & distractions that we can learn about Jesus?

Christmas Stories Pastor Tony Myles
12/24/2017 When the Glitch Steals Christmas

We want our Christmas story to be perfect. Has God ever allowed a glitch (or glitches) in your plans?

Christmas Stories Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/17/2017 Christmas Surprises

The Christmas story begins with a baby, but not the one you are thinking of. What can we learn from Luke 1, and how does it teach us to expect the unexpected in our lives?

Christmas Stories Pastor Nate Sickler

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