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Date Title Series Speaker
10/16/2017 Transformed Relationally

What is the biggest problem in relationships, and how can we recognize it in our own lives?

Transformed Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/8/2017 Transformed Emotionally

Why do our emotions matter, and how do I manage & deal with those emotions?

Transformed Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/1/2017 Transformed Mentally

Why does it matter if we manage our thought life? How can we make choices to have a healthy mind?

Transformed Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/24/2017 Transformed Physically

What are common sources of stress in our lives? So then...what are God's answers for healthier lives?

Transformed Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/17/2017 Transformed Spiritually

The amazing parable in Luke 15 gives us 4 principles that are a pathway back to God and spiritual transformation.

Transformed Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/10/2017 Can I Be Transformed?

What does your future look How can you make the best of the rest of your life? What does God tell us about setting goals?

Transformed Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/3/2017 Moving

The next step can always be scary; what does that look like with courage in our lives?

Every. Single. Minute. Pastor Nate Sickler
8/27/2017 Remaining

Now what? In our effort to find a connection we once had, we often lose the focus we now need. What does remaining in Jesus look like?

Every. Single. Minute. Pastor Nate Sickler
8/20/2017 Longing

Our surface problem is almost never the problem, and our longing tells us that something is wrong. What does it look like to have satisfaction in Jesus in our lives?

Every. Single. Minute. Pastor Nate Sickler
8/13/2017 Listening

If God can really impact every moment of each day, then how does that actually work? Why is listening so hard living in today's culture?

Every. Single. Minute. Pastor Tom Lundeen

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