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Date Title Series Speaker
2/5/2012 Sex, Love, Marriage: Why the Order Really Matters

...the order really does matter because sex is not a human invention, but God's creation, and our bodies are not our own personal playgrounds.

Sex. Love. Marriage. [does the order matter?] Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/29/2012 Sex: Living Together

This message will answer your many questions about living together like "what are the top 5 reason why people move in together?," "what arguments are there for not living together?," and "what does the Bible have to say about living together before marriage?"

Sex. Love. Marriage. [does the order matter?] Pastor Bill Gilfillan
1/22/2012 Sex: Why Pornography Ruins It

Pornography is nothing new. What impact does pornography have on our lives, and what does God tell us about dealing with pornography?

Sex. Love. Marriage. [does the order matter?] Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/15/2012 Sex: What's Love Got to Do With It?

Can sex be separated from the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of our lives and just be a physical act without any complications or consequences? Join us as we explore what the Bible says about this subject.

Sex. Love. Marriage. [does the order matter?] Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/8/2012 Sex: The Bible Really Talks About It?"

While the Bible is not a book about sex, the Bible speaks a lot about sex because sex is God's creation. As we do an overview study of the Bible today, we're going to discover that God tells us 2 profound, indisputable, and seemingly contradictory things about sex.

Sex. Love. Marriage. [does the order matter?] Pastor Tom Lundeen

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