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Date Title Series Speaker
1/11/2015 Change Your Attitude

Since knowing and understanding God's will is based on a relationship with God, then our attitude is critically important.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/4/2015 This is Hard

Since God wants us to understand and do His will, why can it be so difficult? We often struggle with understanding God’s will because we have some basic misconceptions about just what the will of God is.

What now? Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/28/2014 Auld Lang Syne

Joyous Series Pastor Chip Garrison
12/24/2014 Joy to the World

Joyous Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/21/2014 The First Noel

Joyous Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/14/2014 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Joyous Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/7/2014 Sacred Scars

What does Jesus look like, and why has this question never been satisfactorily answered?

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/30/2014 Temple Truth

What does the popular expression "our bodies are a temple" mean in light of God's Word?

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/23/2014 Idolized Image

What does it mean to be created and made in God's image?

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/16/2014 Photoshopped Physique

In a "selfie-centered" culture, how do we be authentic & not just show a filtered version of ourselves for the "me" we want them to see.

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/9/2014 Fleshly Focused

What happens when we are preoccupied with our bodies/appearance? How can our priorities get skewed?

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/2/2014 Mirror, Mirror

Are you satisfied with your selfie? There are huge emotional, relational, and spiritual/theological issues that are present because of our cultural obsession with what we look like.

Selfie Satisfaction Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/19/2014 Freedom: We Are Rescued to Become Rescuers

Freedom/grace is designed by God to be shared and given away. We all play a part, because the path to freedom isn't just about being rescued, but also being rescuers.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/12/2014 Acceptance: Labels Lie

The identity we embrace determines our experience of freedom. When Christ-followers operate out of this identity, then becoming whole and free from destructive labels is the result.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/5/2014 Forgiveness: Holding On Keeps You From Moving On

The journey to freedom goes through the door of forgiveness.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/28/2014 Ownership: You Can't Blame Your Way To Freedom

One of the most powerful things we can do in our lives is to take personal responsibility for today.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/21/2014 Discovery: You're Stronger Than You Think

Jesus invites us to go looking in our story for the broken and busted up things. One of the greatest enemies of our freedom is fear.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/14/2014 Awareness: The Gift of Slowness

God wants to show how we’re held captive by our pain and how we can eventually find freedom through Him.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/7/2014 Intro: A Prodigal's Party

There’s freedom from your past, your present, your enemies, your memories, and yourself. There is hope. There is an answer. And that answer is grace.

Freeway Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/31/2014 Losing for Joy

Following Jesus is often emotionally, physically, and spiritually trying. What happens after we choose to lose?

Choose to Lose Pastor Dan Boal
8/24/2014 Counting the Cost

There are times we become so focused on what we want that we fail to realize we are dropping the most important things in life.

Choose to Lose Pastor Dan Boal
8/17/2014 Connecting the Dots

"I want to live in a please of amazement that if Jesus doesn't catch me, I'm done." In order for us to obey Jesus, we must let go of what is safe and comfortable.

Choose to Lose Pastor Chip Garrison
8/10/2014 The Moment of Choice

Sometimes following Jesus feels like choosing to lose. Jesus knew that winning would come first through losing.

Choose to Lose Pastor Chip Garrison
8/3/2014 Keep Calm and Take the Plunge

What makes baptism something so powerful in the spiritual realm? What is believer's baptism, and what does it mean for me?

Keep Calm Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/27/2014 Keep Calm and Be United

The father of lies is ultimately a bully who is bigger, stronger, and tougher than you or me. We need to be connected to Someone stronger than this spiritual bully.

Keep Calm Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/20/2014 Keep Calm - The Victory is Ours

When you think about the cross, what comes to mind? It's now a symbol of the enormous price Jesus paid was worth it because of the significance and scope of the victory Jesus accomplished there.

Keep Calm Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/13/2014 Keep Calm and Listen Closely

C&MA President Dr. John Stumbo shares with Riverside about his roots here and his incredible story that God has taken him on throughout the years.

Keep Calm Series Dr. John Stumbo
7/6/2014 Keep Calm and Follow the Spirit

Why is the Holy Spirit so important? Many of us are trying to live a good moral life, but we're doing so with human methods & resources that are not sufficient to empower us to live a Christian life.

Keep Calm Series Pastor Chip Garrison
6/29/2014 State of the Church 2014

Engage, Experience & Celebrate Riverside's history, mission and future work! We don't want you to miss it!

State of the Church 2014 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/22/2014 Production Boot Camp 2014 - "iAM"

Check out this Sunday's message from Pastor Chip Garrison, and the amazing story told by the Production Boot Camp kids!

Production Boot Camp 2014 - iAM Pastor Chip Garrison
6/15/2014 More Than Words

The most common form of spiritual warfare every Christ-follower faces daily is temptation. When & how are we tempted, and how do we overcome temptation?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/8/2014 Suit Up: Part 2

With the "belt of truth" in place, what's our next piece of battle gear?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/2/2014 Suit Up: Part 1

What does the "belt of truth" look like, and how do we put it on?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/25/2014 Deception in 3-D

The evil one will not "outwit" us when we are aware of his schemes and when we put into practice 2 important principles: humility & perspective.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/18/2014 Don't Go It Alone

Every hero relies on their team to beat the enemy. When we connect we conquer! Find out how this relates to God's family and your life.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Dan Boal
5/11/2014 The Battle for the Home

Many of us are simply unaware that the great, unseen but very real spiritual battle that rages all around us doesn't stop once we close the garage door at our home. So what does this mean for me & my family?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/4/2014 Schemes & Strategies

In what ways does the enemy of our souls seek to "outwit" us? His primary tactic is an unrelenting assault upon the truth.

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/27/2014 The Devil is in the Details

Just who is the devil? What power does the devil have, and what is the devil's destiny?

The Fight of Your Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/20/2014 Easter 2014

An amazing Easter Weekend filled with drama, music, laughter & a powerful message!

Easter 2014 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/13/2014 The Pursuit of Everything

If our treasure (our heart) is focused on things outside of God's heart, then it is obvious that we can be spiritually vulnerable to the snares and schemes of the adversary.

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/6/2014 If It Feels Good...

Sex is God’s idea and gift…but because of sin, sex (like every other good gift of God) has been twisted, perverted, and disfigured into something that is often harmful…Find out why sex is so much more than just physical.

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/30/2014 Living Livid?

What triggers our anger, and when does it become sin? Pastor Tom talks about our response to anger and how we can handle it God's way.

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/23/2014 Not Agaaaaain!

What is sin and how do we deal with it God's way?

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Chip Garrison
3/16/2014 An Unholy Trinity

Before a soldier can be effective in combat…he needs to learn 2 things: Who is my enemy? & Where am I vulnerable? Spiritual warfare involves conflict with the devil and demonic forces, but it also involves the principle of sin within us (“the flesh”), and the principle of sin in our society (“the world”).

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/9/2014 There's a War Going On

Despite the clear evidence in Scriptures and in real life experiences, many Christ-followers today are quite unprepared for spiritual warfare; and the results of this unpreparedness are seen everywhere.

All Out War: Investigating Spiritual Warfare Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/2/2014 Stretch Our Reach

The idea of “commitment” isn’t that popular in our culture. Nothing great ever happens without making commitments. How will God "Stretch Us" at Riverside to extend our reach?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/23/2014 Stretch Our Passion

Multisite will stretch us in a number of ways, including financially.

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/16/2014 Stretch Our Hearts

It’s important to talk about money…because our attitude about money reveals the spiritual condition of our hearts (note Matthew 6:21). How does God want to stretch our hearts in becoming more and more generous in our giving to His work?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/9/2014 Stretch Us Why?

Multisite is not the only strategy a church can use; but we do think it’s the best one at this stage of Riverside’s life and timeline. Why do we believe this is such an important next step for our church to take?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/2/2014 Stretch Us How?

What is a Multisite Church? Why Multisite? What does the Bible have to say about this? Where are we going?

Stretch Us Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/26/2014 So What's Below Your Waterline?

How can we know if we’re really changing for the better?

Below the Waterline Pastor Chip Garrison
1/19/2014 Will Power Won't

Why are bad habits we have so hard to break?

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/12/2014 Tongue Tied

God does have a spiritual X-ray tool for us. It’s our tongue.

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/5/2014 Tired of Trying?

What God is really about is inwardly transforming you and me to resemble Jesus more and more each day and not faking it. We need to talk about having the right motivation.

Below the Waterline Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/29/2013 Same Old, Same Old

We all want to change for the better, but superficial focus and superficial analysis produces superficial temporary change.

Below the Waterline Pastor Dan Boal
12/24/2013 What Christmas Can Mean for You

What Christmas means to us really depends on what we’re looking for at Christmas.

The Greatest Story Ever Lived Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/22/2013 Christmas Lights

What do “dark days” look like in our lives and what can the light of Christmas do to counteract our “dark days”?

The Greatest Story Ever Lived Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/15/2013 Bah Humbug or Merry Christmas?

Clearly the first Christmas was described as a joyous occasion. But how can we experience joy right now...?

The Greatest Story Ever Lived Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/8/2013 Do: Grow

What challenging "next steps" is God asking you to take in your spiritual growth and development in your relationship with Him?

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/1/2013 Do: Unity

What's the difference between unity & uniformity? Why does unity matter, and what can chip away at it in our lives?

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/24/2013 Do: Encourage

Encouragement gives us perspective, hope and strength; it inspires us to continue to walk with God despite trials. Encouraging others doesn't happen accidentally and it can even be challenging for us to do. So why do we sometimes find it hard as Christ-followers to encourage each other?

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/17/2013 Do: Rest

As odd as it may seem to us at first glance, the Scriptures indicate it’s really urgent for us to make “rest” something we work very hard at!

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/10/2013 Do: Forgive

Jesus is the ultimate model of forgiving others. How do we "do" forgiveness in our lives?

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/3/2013 Do: Integrity

Why do we need to "make every effort" to be people of integrity? Why is it such a huge deal to Christians? Let's dig into 2 Peter 3:14 to see what God has to say about it!

Do: Make Every Effort Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/27/2013 [Missions Festival 2013] Sent Ones

We have all been in a situation where we have said, "Don't Send Me!" Have you said that lately? Where is God sending you?

Be Light - Missions Festival 2013 Pastor Dan Boal
10/21/2013 [Missions Festival 2013] Burkina Faso, Africa

Check out how your support to the Great Commission Fund has impacted missionaries John & Betty Arnold in Burkina Faso, Africa. They share about what God's been doing lately in their ministry.

Be Light - Missions Festival 2013 John & Betty Arnold
10/13/2013 The Path

Everyone is searching; not everyone know it. How can you know that Jesus is the only way?

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/6/2013 The King

In order to answer the question, "Who is Jesus?" you must first weigh the available evidence, possible conclusions & an appropriate response. Whether you're here today as a skeptic, seeker or follower, this message is for you!

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/29/2013 The Question

If God is really good and all-powerful, why does He allow so much pain and evil in the world?

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/22/2013 The Word

What is the Bible? Fact, fiction or fable? Learn about how the Bible is absolutely unique, and how it is God's gift to open a door to faith for you and me.

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/15/2013 The Beginning

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/8/2013 The Quest

To engage in this quest, regardless of where we may be starting from, will be very spiritually significant thing for all of us to do. The reality is, “Everyone is searching; not everyone knows it.” Let's begin this GodQuest together on an All-Church Journey; what is truth and how do we know that it exists?

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/1/2013 Open My Eyes

Open your eyes to see God's GREATER authority & vision for the world & for your life.

Greater Series Pastor Dan Boal
8/25/2013 Digging Ditches

The reason we fail to turn inspiration into implementation is that we want miracles. Not work orders. Is your plan man driven or God driven?

Greater Series Pastor Dan Boal
8/18/2013 Upon Further Review

There are times in our lives where we need a review. Do you trust God in the midst of your trials and tribulations? Do you trust God no matter what?

Greater Series Pastor Chip Garrison
8/11/2013 Burn the Plows

Join us as we dig deeper into what it looks like as God invites us to a higher calling, deeper surrender & greater things!

Greater Series Pastor Chip Garrison
8/5/2013 Mark Your Journey

There are some important principles in Acts 8 that will encourage us all to take a next step in our spiritual journey.

Baptism Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/29/2013 Are You Recognized in Hell?

Join with Pastor Tom as he takes a look at a passage in Acts about Paul and reasons why he was recognized in hell and what that means for each of our lives.

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/21/2013 Are You Bragged About in Heaven?

I want us to see that not only are either heaven or hell our final destination, but that both heaven and hell come into play in our lives on earth. What was it about Job that caused God to brag about him in heaven?

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/14/2013 Don't Erase Hell

The idea of hell is something that of talked about at all, is either confined to usage as a curse word, something to joke about, or something reserved for gruesome exploitation in a horror movie. Today I want to help us move past our wrong ideas, images, and prejudices about the reality of hell.

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/7/2013 As it is in Heaven

As it is in heaven...what does that really mean? Even if we believe in heaven’s existence and that our final destination is heaven, we don’t think about it very often because we don’t have a solid grasp on exactly what heaven is.

Final Destination Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/30/2013 Doing God's Will (Part 2)

Riverside is a place for people to experience grace, grow in love, and give of themselves. How has Riverside lived this out in the last year, and how will we live it out in the coming year/

State of the Church 2013 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/23/2013 Doing God's Will (Part 1)

Let's take some time to celebrate what God has been doing over the past 12 months, look ahead to the vision God is giving us for the next 12-24 months and remind ourselves WHY we do what we do at Riverside.

State of the Church 2013 Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/16/2013 Production Boot Camp 2013 - "Let's Rock"

Check out this Sunday's message from Pastor Chip Garrison, and the amazing story told by the Production Boot Camp kids!

Production Boot Camp 2013 - Let's Rock! Pastor Chip Garrison
6/9/2013 [REALationships] Staying Sane Surrounded by People Who Drive Us Nuts

What are some of the characteristics of people who tend to drive us nuts? Here are some of the most common types of people that often make life more challenging and how we should respond.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/2/2013 [REALationships] More Jesus and Less Religion

Becoming a Christ-follower doesn’t immediately change everything about us before we were Christ-followers. So how can we recognize if we’re driving people nuts with our religious thinking or whether we are building people up because of our relationship with Jesus?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/26/2013 [REALationships] Is He/She The One?

Two of the most important choices we'll ever make in life are: Will I get married? If yes, who will I marry? Let's find out what the Bible has to say about relationships and marriage.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/19/2013 [REALationships] But You Don't Know My Family

Sin can tear families apart relationally and geographically. Everyone’s family bucket is broken. God’s family can substitute where our own families fall short.

REALationships Pastor Dan Boal
5/12/2013 [REALationships] People Pleasing isn't Pleasing

How can we avoid the trap of approval addiction? If God can't please everyone, we're foolish to think that we can.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/5/2013 [REALationships] Refusing Abusing

What principles are in the Bible that can help us to break free from abuse and to recover from the pain of it?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/28/2013 [REALationships] Conflict Anyone?

Conflict is part of life in a broken world; how do we live peaceful lives and resolve differences in a healthy way given this reality?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/21/2013 [REALationships] Healthy Boundaries

We all have family dynamics, and the truth is that when we get with our family, sometimes, it’s dynamic! How do you successfully navigate relationships with the "EGRs" in your life, and what does it look like to create and maintain healthy boundaries?

REALationships Pastor Chip Garrison
4/15/2013 [REALationships] Button Pushers

How can we learn to control our anger and neutralize the button pushers n our lives? Learn how God can give you a brand new heart and a new identity.

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/7/2013 [REALationships] Can There Ever Be Peace?

Relationships are absolutely critical for our lives and for our spiritual, emotional, and even physical health…yet fewer things in life cause us more problems, heartaches, and struggles than relationship tensions/issues. How do we define and develop healthy relationships?

REALationships Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/31/2013 Easter Brings Hope 2013

Discover the victory and power we have in Jesus to transform our lives and secure our future. The promise of what Jesus accomplished on the cross and through His resurrection provides real hope for everyone!

Easter 2013 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/24/2013 [The Cross & My Heart] The Cross Means Mission

The cross is also God’s great invitation to the world. Jesus never intended His cross to become a campfire that Christ-followers sit around to warm themselves, He did intend His cross to light a wildfire in Christ-followers to send us out into a broken and needy world.

The Cross & My Heart Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/17/2013 [The Cross & My Heart] The Cross Means Holiness

Did you know as Christ followers our union with Jesus means we experience freedom not only from any past sin, but also the ability to reject sin's power in our lives now? Learn more about what Jesus meant when He said to 'take up your cross' and how the transformative power represented by the cross can move us from a self-centered lifestyle to one marked by spiritual growth and health.

The Cross & My Heart Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/10/2013 [The Cross & My Heart] The Cross Means Victory

Without hesitation or apology, the New Testament declares that it was at the cross that Jesus disarmed and triumphed over Satan and all spiritual beings at his command…

The Cross & My Heart Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/3/2013 [The Cross & My Heart] The Cross Means Community

The community of Christ is the community of His cross…the cross is the GPS that gives us clear directions in a dysfunctional and confused world.

The Cross & My Heart Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/24/2013 [The Cross & My Heart] The Cross Means Love

While most people have an opinion on what they think love is, and books have been written to define and distinguish the various kinds of love, the Bible clearly indicates there is only one way to understand what real love actually is: the cross.

The Cross & My Heart Pastor Tom Lundeen
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