Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights

Middle School 6-8pm // High School 7-9pm

6:00-7:00pm- Middle School Large Group
7:00-8:00pm Middle School Small Group

7:00-8:00pm High School Large Group
8:00-9:00pm High School Small Group

Large Group

Our Wednesday Large Group services are the front door to our Student Ministry. We strive to create a place where students feel comfortable bringing their friends so that they can see, hear, and experience God's love. Students learn about God's plan for their lives through lessons designed to create a relivent, biblical, and practical approach to life. We also play fun games and create an environment for students to worship through music. 

Small Group 

Small Group is our discipleship time, designed to lead students deeper into God's word and connect them to each other. Students will discuss how to apply the lesson to their lives. 


Fall Schedule


9.7 Fall Kick-off
9.14 RS Night
9.21 RS Night
9.28 RS Night

October (Choctober)

10.5 RS Night
10.12 RS Night
10.19 RS Night
10.26 (Title of Chocolate themed night)


11.2 RS Night
11.9 RS Night
11.16 Redneck Thanksgiving
11.23 NO Riverside Students-Thanksgiving Break
11.30 RS Night


12.7 RS Night
12.14 Christmas Party
12.21 NO Riverside Students-Christmas Break
12.28 NO Riverside Students-Christmas Break


1.4 Winter Kick-off
1.11 RS Night
1.18 RS Night
1.25 RS Night
1.16-NO SCHOOL Open Skate at the Moose(?)
1.20-1.22-High School Avalanche
1.27-1.29-Middle School Avalanche


2.20-NO School // Dollar Movie Day