Scrip Fundraising

With so many financial demands on families, Riverside Church has decided to participate in a scrip fundraising program on an on-going basis.  This will enable families to pay for many, if not all of their children’s major camps, retreats, and more!

Riverside Scrip allows families to purchase the same things they already do, at the same places, but have a portion of their purchase donated to a family account.  Most gift cards donate 2-15% of the purchase price!

By planning ahead, a family that spends $100 eating out, $300 in groceries, and $300 in gasoline per month can earn $28.00 or $336.00 per year!  Families that want to be extremely diligent can earn thousands toward major events and mission trips!

How does it work? 

Go through the registration process. (Download Instructions Here)

1) Order, pay and receive electronic cards at any time.

2) Money will automatically be deducted from your checking account to pay for the cards. 

3) A percentage of each card purchase will be deposited into your “Family Scrip Account”

Look Below! These and hundreds of other businesses participate in this Scrip program to benefit non-profits.  If you don’t have children registering for events, and don’t plan to go on a missions trip, you can still help us!  By using Riverside Scrip you are making donations to a general scholarship fund for sending kids to camps, retreats, and mission trips.

Go to the site now!

What stores are there to choose from? 

Applebee’s 8% 2.5%

American Eagle 10%

Best Buy 4%

Buca di Beppo 8%

Cabela’s 11%

Caribou Coffee 6%

Cub Foods 4%

Dick’s 8%

Domino’s 8%

GameStop 3%

Gap 14%

GetGo 4%

Great Clips 8%

Holiday Stations 4%

iTunes 5%

JCPenney 5%

Jiffy Lube 8%

Kmart 4%

Kohl’s 4%

Kwik Trip 4%

Little Caesars 8%

Lowe's 4%

Noodles & Co 8%

Office Max 5%

Old Navy 14%

Olive Garden 8%

Papa Murphy’s 8%

Red Lobster 9%

Shutterfly 9%

Starbucks 7%

Subway 6%

Super America 4%

Walgreens 6%

Walmart 2.5%

Wendy’s 4%

AND 100’s MORE!