Extending Our Reach: Stretch Us




What comes to mind when you hear the word STRETCH?   Flexibility?  Personal growth?  Challenge? Muscle tension?  Maybe just the picture of a rubber band or Slinky!

It's one thing to ponder an individual goal for pushing outside our comfort zone, but what does stretching look like in a community?  Riverside has a rich history - 82 years as a church - and that strong legacy helps shape what's next.  While some might argue it's fine to be satisfied with status quo (if it's not broke, don't fix it), what is it that truly matters to God?  If we agree lost people matter to Him, they should matter to us too, and extending our reach just might determine what is written not just in the history of Riverside's next 80 years, but in the eternal destiny of others.  And that's why we think Riverside should be willing to stretch.

Learn More About the Stretch Us Journey

http://www.myriversidechurch.com/uploads/StretchUs-Mystory_170x130.jpgHear stories of life change which will illustrate why it's important to look beyond the four walls of our Big Lake campus.

http://www.myriversidechurch.com/uploads/StretchUs-FAQ_170x130.jpgLearn what a multisite is (and isn't), how it works, and why it's a logical 'next step' for Riverside in more ways than one.  Click here for the FAQ brochure.

http://www.myriversidechurch.com/uploads/StretchUs-170x130.jpgEngage in specific steps to grow personally and as part of the Riverside family as vision is cast for what the years ahead might hold for Riverside and our community.  You can also find a brochure with more information and a financial commitment card here.

http://www.myriversidechurch.com/uploads/StretchUs-Downloads_170x130.jpgLook here for cool resources & the "Stretch Us" song to download!