Giving Made Easy

People like to automate what's important to them -  they download apps they frequent regularly and set up notifications to be alerted to activity, add people to their 'favorites' contact list so they can quickly and easily connect, update calendars with events and set reminders for things don't want to forget.... we definitely live in a digital age.

Did you know you can also automate your giving?  With three easy ways to go digital, you can quickly and easily make regular gifts.  It's a simple way to prioritize what you are returning to God in honor and obedience to Him, and a great way to grow in overall generosity.

/uploads/AutomateTheImportant-1Online-SQ.jpgOnline - Set Up an Account in The Current

Use our secure platform to access and manage your account any time and give via credit or debit cards, or even better, input your bank account routing information and eliminate all processing fees paid by Riverside.
You can learn more about how to log into your account and do that here.
Brand new to using The Current?  Look here.

Use Text to Give

We know some of you prefer the option to give from your mobile devices without logging in.  Learn how easy it is to set up text to give here.

Giving Kiosks

Each campus has giving kiosks in the foyer where you can quickly swipe your debit or credit card to give your gift.  It will even print you a receipt you can put into the offering baskets if you wish.

The book The Generosity Ladder reminds us, "Giving is motivated by love.  Because God loved us He gave.  Because we love Him, we give.  Develop personal practices which encourage you to live with an open hand each and every day, not just with finances but in all areas of your life."  Take your next step today.

Have questions?

 Send the stewardship team an email and let us know how we can help!