Back to the Future

The last few months have felt a bit like a bad movie and we're all ready for the end to be in sight.  Preferably a 'happy ending' kind of resolution.  Maybe even with a fun 'extra' after the credits have rolled.  Something that feels normal again.

But what if our previous normal is not what we're supposed to return to?  Maybe the way we lived before the pandemic isn't the best version of our script.  And the 'new normal' we keep hearing people reference probably isn't all we should strive for either. 

What if we take the lessons we've learned, the experiences we've had, and the hope we are invited to embrace and take positive steps forward into our future?

Join us online as Pastor Tom shares a series challenging us to change...change in our marriages, family dynamics, finances, work places, and so much more.  Choose to invest a few hours and discover how the bedrock of truths you can trust from a friend who loves you can help you face each day with hope and joy.


Invite Others!

We believe you will find this to be a helpful series, filled with application and instruction you can remember and put to use.  Know some friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers who need hope and direction?  Encourage them to join you in person at one of our campuses or online at 8:45, 10:30 or 12:05.  Direct links are available Sundays on our homepage or Facebook page. Catch up on past messages or watch online at your convenience here.