Camp Roar 2019

Grades 1-5 (2018-19 school year)


[August 19-23, 2019]

This year's camp is going to be an epic adventure! This year our campers will explore God's goodness and celebrate ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life. With worship, lesson, games, activities and time outside in the sun and water, this year's Camp Roar! is going to be amazing!


Cost: $250.00/camper

Pre-Early Bird Registration NOW THROUGH FEBRUARY 1st: $210 per camper

Register and PAY IN FULL between now and February 1st to receive our special Pre-Early Bird Price. Registration can be completed and a down payment made but the FULL $210 must be paid by 2/1 in order to receive this price. 

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Additional Information

Camp Roar! is a Riverside camp that will be taking place at Camp Lebanon's facilities in Burtrum, Minnesota (just over an hour from Riverside's Big Lake Campus and 45 minutes from our Sauk Rapid's Campus)


Parents are responsible to carpool or transport their child to/from the camp.
Drop off is at 2pm on Monday, August 19th
Pick up is at 11am on Friday, August 23rd

The address for Camp Lebanon is:
1205 Acorn Road
Burtrum, MN 56318

Emergency Phone number for the week of camp is: TBD

Camp Activities

Swimming, fishing, night games, laser tag and so much more! 


We believe safety is of the utmost importance and therefore we will be cautious when selecting camp staff. All camp staff and volunteers will be persons who have completed the Child Protection Plan Training, Background Check process and that comply with the Child Protection Overnight Addendum. There will be a camp staff training prior to camp covering safety policies and procedures.

Worship & Spiritual Growth

Worship and our teaching/small group times will be exciting, creative, engaging, awesome, God-honoring, and so much more! It will be fun to spend time with God in this special way! Activities from each day will point to the main theme/lesson for the day and will help kids to truly experience God's Word in a real way.


What if my child gets homesick?
Camp staff are well prepared to help your child overcome their case of the "lonelies" and make the most of their camp experience. Kids will often take their cue from your preparations for camp: keep things positive by reminding them about all the fun they'll have at camp as well as why they wanted to attend in the first place. In our experience, an attempt to reassure a hesitant child with a promise - "If you don't like it, we'll come get you" - sets kids up for thinking they may not like it and will want to leave, often leading to an unhappy and early departure. If your child does experience severe homesickness, you will be contacted by camp staff to discuss the situation. 

What if my child struggles with wetting the bed? 
Bed wetting is a common issue we encounter at camp. Our staff are trained and well prepared to deal with the situation discreetly. Campers are encouraged to use the bathroom before bedtime. If this is a particular struggle for your child, we would recommend that your child brings an extra set of bedding as well as a garbage bag for soiled sheets. In the event of an accident, the second set of bedding will be used while the first set is being laundered. 

Can I contact my child during the week? 
If you have a need to contact your child during camp week, please contact the Camp Lebanon office at (800) 816-1502. Generally it is discouraged for families to contact campers during camp week in order to promote the best possible experience for your camper, free from distractions. If you believe it is necessary to connect with your child, camp staff will have your child return your call at an arranged time. On-site visitors must check in at the office immediately upon arrival. In no case will a child be permitted to leave the site without first making proper arrangements with the office. 

What if my child has food allergies? 
Camp Lebanon does it's best to accommodate special dietary needs. If a dietary need or food allergy was noted on your child's health form, you will receive an email from Camp Lebanon the week before camp with the menu and instructions on how we can best work together to serve your child. 
While Camp Lebanon cannot plan menus around particular individuals, we have learned helpful ways to serve children with food allergies. Some guests find it necessary to bring a supply of their own food to supplement the menu. Refrigerated storage and a microwave are available. With advanced notice, Camp Lebanon can also offer standard options that we keep on hand.  

Why can't we bring cell phones/electronic devices?
Electronic devices with the capability to play games, videos, make phone calls and/or connect to the internet are not permitted at camp even if these features are disabled. Campers who are "tuned out" are missing out on creating the strong bonds we expect to form at camp. Camp offers your kids a chance to enjoy a simple and uncomplicated environment where we value personal interaction, creativity and communication. We know you'd agree that less "screen time" is the in the best interest of your child.
In addition, cell phones are expensive, can get lost and the physical environment of camp is not kind to these items. Plus when kids come to camp they - and you - are making a leap of faith, temporarily transferring their primary care from you as their parents to us as directors. This is one of the growth-producing, yet challenging aspects of camp. As children learn to trust other caring adults, they grow and learn, little by little, to solve some of their own challenges. We believe this emerging independence is one of the greatest benefits of camp. Contacting you by cell phone essentially means they have not made this transition. Sending a cell phone to camp is like saying to your child that you as the parent haven't truly come to peace with the notion of them being away from you and in our care. 
We will certainly tell you if your child is experiencing a challenge in their adjustment to camp. You can help by talking to your child before they leave for camp and telling them that there is always someone they can reach out to, whether it be their cabin counselor, the camp directors or camp nurse. We are all here to help!