Car Care Day

Big Lake Campus - Sat., Sept. 28, 2019 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

Riverside offers a free oil change and basic maintenance, and counsels vehicle owners about the best way to care for and service their vehicles. This ministry is designed for single parents, widows/widowers.  Register your vehicle here.
This is a practical way to show God’s love to folks who are in difficult circumstances. Both men and women are encouraged to volunteer. Click here if you would like to help.

Here's how you can serve:
  • Volunteer to change oil.
  • Help check tire pressure, lights, and wipers.  Be a parts runner for those servicing the cars.
  • Bring breakfast baked goods (muffins, scones, etc.), fruit or yogurt to share with our guests.
  • Stay and visit!  Some of the best conversation happens over a cup of coffee; why not keep our guests company while their car is serviced?
  • Think about who you know in your neighborhood or community that might appreciate this service and come with them!
If you would like more information about this bi-annual event, or would like to help with this ministry, please email the Care Team with any questions.