Creatures of Habit

"Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex."  Norman Vincent Peale

We all want to develop practices and disciplines today that lead to a better tomorrow.  But all too often we end up living with regret, guilt, remorse, and frustration that we didn't end up where we hoped we'd be.  Our relationships are still difficult.  The number on the scale hasn't changed. That checkbook still isn't balancing.  We keep making the easy choice to stay where we are instead of fighting for what's better.

We're going on an 8 week journey together that can help us take positive next steps.  We'll unpack tools and ideas which equip us to say 'yes' to the right things and leave behind those habits or practices which hinder us.  Using relatable, practical, life-giving messages with wisdom from God's Word, you can be equipped to start taking steps in the right direction, and move closer to the purposeful, joy-filled life you are designed to live.

Want to join us?  What do you have to lose?

Riverside is a safe place where you will be welcomed by faces that probably look a lot like yours. People love to raise their families here.  Marriages are strengthened, hurting people find help to recover, and there are places to connect where you don't have to do life alone anymore.  Every week people are healing, growing, and learning what it looks like to start from a place of hope.  

So we're tossing out a challenge for you to give it a try & join us Sundays in September and October.

Series Schedule

Sept. 8th >> "Rhythm & Blues"
Sept. 15th >> "Who Before Do"
Sept. 22nd >> "If You Say So"
Sept. 29th   >> "Start Something...Anything"
Oct. 6th    >> "Not Expecting Perfection"
Oct. 13th  >> "Flip the Switch"
Oct. 20th  >> "New Day, New Way"
Oct. 27th  >> "Mind Over Matters"


  • Small Group/Personal Guides for this journey are available - you can pick one up beginning Sunday, 9/8
  • Interactive age-appropriate activities for your kids and students on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights will make this a family friendly journey you can do together.
  • Opportunities for you to join small groups to enhance your Sunday worship time.

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