Easter Weekend 2020

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Easter.  What does that look like in 2020...in a period of history where we find ourselves isolating, living in a swirl of ever-changing (and often conflicting) information, struggling to find clarity in contradictory news cycles?

Perhaps our circumstances aren't that different from those faced by people who loved Jesus that very first Easter.  Afraid for their lives, they hid, a self imposed quarantine born out of desperation in a world that had suddenly turned upside down.  Everything around them, everything they loved and thought they understood, collapsed as a result of decisions made by fellow citizens and a government they thought would be fair.

But hope was just hiding -- soon their lives would be changed yet again through a miracle they could never have imagined.  Because of the dark moments, the cross Jesus died on, their lives were transformed in a powerful way that helped them write history we still read today.  We can have a confident new beginning too!  Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can have lives filled with meaning and joy even in a broken world that's sometimes hard to understand.  

Join us online Easter weekend for a contemporary experience celebrating Easter through music, real stories and a message of hope that endures and conquers even the most difficult circumstances of life.

Join us Online Easter Weekend:
7 identical services over 3 days!


Friday, 4/10 @ 4:00 or 6:30pm

Saturday, 4/11 @ 4:00 or 6:30pm

Sunday, 4/12 @ 8:45am, 10:30am or 12:05pm

Easter is for Kids too!

We're also offering great stuff just for kids in a fun, engaging way that allows them to experience God's love for them through relevant Bible teaching, drama, music, and age-appropriate activities ages 2 - Grade 5!  Look for links to the video programming here.