Taipei, Taiwan - July 1-11, 2019 (dates approximate based on flights)
This team of 5 ladies will help with evangelism, outreach and help teach English while at The Aroma coffee shop and church. Team members must be a minimum of 18 years old. 
>> Learn more about our partnership with Taiwan here.
>> Approximate Cost: $3200
>> You can support the team through your generosity here

Burkina Faso Summer Team - (dates to be determined)
This team of up to 8 people will help support outreach ministries with our partners to orphans, handicapped people, food distribution, and building hangars as needed.
>> Approximate Cost - $3000
>> Registration for 2020 will open fall 2019

Burkina Faso Well Team - Winter 2020 (dates to be determined)
This team of 4-6 men will dig wells for people in need of fresh water in Burkina Faso, West Aftrica.
>> Approximate Cost: $3000
>> Registration for 2020 will open summer 2019

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