Pastor Tom's Monthly Financial Update

May 2020

Since mid-March, all our lives changed significantly because of COVID-19, and that is also the case at Riverside Church. We had to switch to all online services starting March 15th, and that also included our ministries to students and children. So we again have no Sundays of attendance numbers for May, and we won’t be sharing our weekly attendance average for the month until we start meeting again. We are starting to track with more specific metrics our online engagement, and what we are seeing is more people are connecting every Sunday for more minutes, which is very, very encouraging.

Despite the dramatic changes we are all navigating due to restrictions of physical distancing and limits of size of groups, we continue to experience that the God we serve is never quarantined and the mission of Jesus is still moving forward. So we praise our God:

• God continued to work powerfully through our services each week online, and this also includes online ministries happening every week for students and kids, too.
• Over 900 adults and students have been meeting online in small groups during this time.
• More households than ever are now using reoccurring digital giving! This is wonderful to see more and more people take their commitment to grow in the grace of giving more seriously and intentionally, and is so important in helping us continue to carry out our ministries during this challenging season. We have also seen new households start to engage for the first time in giving.
• Because of our ability to live stream our services was already in place for many years before COVID-19, and because of our engagement in social media for many years, as well, we have been able to move easily into this being our only means of connecting with our church and community in all areas of our ministry. We praise the Lord for His grace and for our team that has been able to make this happen in many cases, seamlessly. And we also celebrate the further development of not just live streaming, but an actual online campus.
• We are grateful for at the time of my writing this (June 3), that our staff has been experiencing good health, and we continue to pray for divine health for each day for our team.
• We have seen over 100 people say Yes to Jesus as Lord since we have been meeting only online since March 15th! God is never quarantined, and the mission of Jesus always moves forward! Praise His Name!

Giving for May was good. We are grateful at this time that because of careful financial management and the generosity of people, that at present our financial position continues to be healthy. That might change depending on how long this plays out and people’s financial/work lives are affected.

Thank you for being outward-focused as a church. It makes such a difference in the life and health of any local church to keep the passion and priority of Jesus THE first priority of how it functions and ministers.

Digital giving makes such a huge difference in so many people’s lives here, and now more than ever, it is the main way people can give even when we cannot meet together. It helps people develop the consistent practice of the grace of giving and putting God first in their finances. Between 50% - 75% of all our giving happens digitally. Join the growing number of people at Riverside who are discovering how this makes such a difference in their spiritual journey. You can always give it a try.

Pray for everyone who considers Riverside Church their spiritual home to practice the grace of giving and generosity being just a “normal” response for our church so we can reach more people for Jesus.

Thanks to all of you who give to the Lord’s work through Riverside Church. It makes a difference in real people’s lives here and around the world every week.

Both the opportunities and obstacles we face are very real, and this is actually more true than ever in these days of COVID-19 as well as the upheaval and violence that show us that racism and anarchy are still more alive in our nation than we would have ever wanted to admit, as they are for any of God’s churches seeking to partner with Him in making a Kingdom impact. Keep praying that God will clearly lead us, including the right timing for Riverside Church to starting opening our physical campuses, and that He will empower us by His Spirit and show us His ways.

God is at work in and through Riverside (Remember, Riverside Church has NEVER CLOSED!), touching the lives of thousands of people in significant ways. Your gifts help make that happen, both now and for eternity.

God bless you all!
Pastor Tom

Weekly Averages for May 2020

  • Sunday Attendance: Only happening digitally at this time.
  • Fuel for Ministry Fund: $63,408.00 (Our new approved united/multi-campus weekly budget is $69,168.24).
  • Fuel for Global Missions Fund: $4,751.05
  • Approximate cash able to set aside for multisite: $4,104,309

Weekly Averages for May 2020

Financial Figures for May 2020

Actual Giving vs. Actual Expenses
>> Year to Date Approved Budget $3,320,076
>> Year to Date Giving $2,968,550
>> YTD Difference $351,526

>> Year to Date Approved Budget $3,320,076
>> Year to Date Expenses $2,306,398
>> YTD Difference $1,013,678

Actual Giving vs. Actual Spending
>> Giving to Date $2,968,550
>> Expenses to Date $2,306,398
>> Difference $662,152
“Give, and you will receive. You will be given much. Pressed down, shaken together, and running over, it will spill into your lap. The way you give to others is the way God will give to you." Luke 6:38