New to Riverside Kids?

We know that entering a new place can be uncomfortable.  That's why we have as much information as possible to assist you, right here!

Step 1: Every child who is part of Riverside Kids must check-in at our kiosk each week.  You can register your family online, and it will be much faster your first time at Riverside.

Step 2: When you arrive at Riverside, look for one of our guest services team members (they'll have a name badge), or head to a Guest Services kiosk in the foyer. They will guide you to the New Family Registration area on the lower level.

Step 3: From here we'll help you register your kids for the day and get each of them their nametags. You will receive a parent claim tag. This is important, it's your ticket to pick up your children. If you don't have it, you'll have to show identification and receive a new one before we will release your children.

Step 4:  One of our guest service team members are available to assist you in getting your kids to their appropriate classrooms.

Step 5: Head back up to the cafe for coffee and a donut!

Step 6: Please enjoy the service in the Worship Center or Video Cafe (feel free to bring your coffee)