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Date Title Series Speaker
1/26/2020 Seriously

A Different Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/19/2020 More Than Just Words

A Different Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/12/2020 Brand New

Throughout your entire life, even when you were lost out in the weeds, God has been pursuing you and telling you that something different is possible.

A Different Life Pastor Tony Myles
1/5/2020 The Holy Who?

If we don't actually understand who the Holy Spirit is, how will we ever have Him work in us and through us? So just who is the Holy Spirit?

A Different Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/29/2019 What Are You Returning?

What was on your Christmas list? What are you returning?...And to what are you returning?

Wish List Pastor Nate Sickler
12/22/2019 What Are You Opening?

Wish List Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/15/2019 What Are You Getting?

Sharing WHAT you want can either clarify or confuse your understanding of WHY you want.

Wish List Pastor Tony Myles
12/8/2019 What Do You Want?

Has it ever seemed like God is messing up your plans? So what do we do when God puts us in situations that are out of our control?

Wish List Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/1/2019 Laugh 'Til You Cry

Why are tears of laughter/joy such an important gift of God to us?

For Crying Out Loud Pastor Nate Sickler
11/24/2019 Toxic Tears

We shed tears when something invades our system that doesn’t belong there. What other types of poisons need to be flushed out of our systems…?

For Crying Out Loud Pastor Tom Lundeen

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