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Date Title Series Speaker
11/22/2020 Radical Gratitude

What's there to be thankful for in these final weeks of a very difficult year?

Holiday Lights Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/15/2020 RC Global Day 2020

Hear about Riverside's new partnership with Mexico, & the exciting things in plan for the future!

RC Global Day 2020 Pastor Nate Sickler
11/8/2020 Why Caesar is Called Little

Will I evaluate my political views through faith/Jesus, or will I create a version of faith that supports my politics? How are our filters impacting our reactions and thoughts about the future?

Fact Check Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/1/2020 The Actual Supreme Court

How do we navigate a volatile political atmosphere personally and with the people our paths cross with on a regular basis?

Fact Check Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/25/2020 Only One Winner

So what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in a deeply divided nation days before an election?

Fact Check Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/18/2020 Praising in the Dark

Biblical hope is something more tangible and real life empowered by God's truth and Spirit. So what's the connection between having hope in the dark and praising in the dark?

Hope in the Dark Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/11/2020 Walking in the Dark

One of the stark realities of life that we have to come to grips with is that a lot of chapters of life include taking a lot of steps in the dark.

Hope in the Dark Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/4/2020 Waiting in the Dark

Wondering and listening in the dark is challenging...but waiting in the dark is really hard. Why does God push pause at times in our lives? What do we do in the waiting room?

Hope in the Dark Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/27/2020 Listening in the Dark

Why is listening often so challenging? What happens when we learn to listen in the dark?

Hope in the Dark Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/20/2020 Wondering in the Dark

What do we do when we wish we could do things differently? Or when God's answer isn't what we asked for?

Hope in the Dark Pastor Tom Lundeen

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