Board of Elders

  • Mike Carle - Elder
  • Mark Gerber - Elder
  • Kyle Goerz -
  • David Hyttsten -
  • Brett Krohn -
  • Brent Scheideman - Elder
Mike Carle - Elder

Mike Carle


Occupation: Mental Health Professional

Family members: Janet, Melissa, Justin, Michaela and Anna& her husband, Avery

Hobbies: Motorcycling, photography, fishing, yardwork, swimming and family activities

Years attended Riverside: 30

More info: Came to faith at Riverside following the passing of our three-year-old son to cancer. Love this church! Very excited to see people become believers and grow in faith. Raised my family in this church. Love my small group, can’t live without them. Meet with two friends each week to pray and talk about God’s word and work in our lives. I love my occupation; I am truly blessed. Aside from my Savior, my wife and family are my greatest blessings. I am originally from Duluth and I love that area.
Mark Gerber - Elder

Mark Gerber


Occupation: Building Inspector.

Family Members: Wife Colleen, Sons Jordan (Lydia) & Michael

Years attended Riverside: 17

More info: I am blessed to a lifetime of being a Jesus follower, so I was spared many of life's challenges by following the Lord since age 7. Colleen and I were able to raise our 2 boys at Riverside. Colleen has a great smile you may see at the door Sunday mornings. Jordan eventually married his high school sweetheart from Riverside. Michael was a student intern and has gone on to serve the Lord in Taiwan. I've been able to serve at Riverside in various ways over the years and enjoy giving of myself wherever called to do so.
Kyle Goerz -

Kyle Goerz

Occupation: Sales Engineer

Family Members: Wife Leanne, sons Brandon and Jordan

Hobbies: Music (listening, singing, playing), Woodworking, Tinkering with Cars, Small Group Leading

Years attending Riverside: 15

More info: My wife and I are originally from Canada and moved ‘down south’ to Minnesota in 2001. We love attending and serving at Riverside and are blessed to call it our church home. I have traveled extensively as part of my job and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Favorite place visited so far: Hobart, Tasmania (Australia.)
David Hyttsten -

David Hyttsten

Occupation: Portrait Photographer

Family Members: Dianne (married 42 years);3 adult children: Dan Hyttsten, married to Mamie and their children, Sam and Hannah; Naomi Lieser, married to Darren and their children, Josiah and Trizah; John Hyttsten, married to Jaynee and their children Ezra and Eliza.

Hobbies: Snowmobiling, drag racing, going out to eat and traveling.

Years attending Riverside: 40

More info: “There is a simplicity to the gospel, so even (and especially) a child can comprehend it. There is also a depth and infinite richness to the gospel, which means that we can all spend the rest of our lives learning, discussing, and applying its truths.” Bruxy Cavey. That is certainly true. I have been a follower of Christ since high school. Understanding of the depth of Gods love for us and the implications and application of this truth through the chapters and challenges of my life are endless. Most days I feel like I am just starting to get a clue.
I am excited about what God is doing at Riverside. Dianne and I have joined the Sauk Rapids campus. We love our small group and the new community we are making friends with. We also miss our friends at the Big Lake campus. Every couple of months we stop by just to catch up.
Brett Krohn -

Brett Krohn

Occupation: Director of Bands, Monticello High School

Family Members: Wife Melissa, Garrett & Fiancee Hannah, Elise

Hobbies: Sports, especially golf, but also running, tennis, raquetball. Love hiking and exploring God’s beautiful creation. Enjoy reading. Love making music. Enjoy listening to great music. Enjoy caring for my yard. Love spending time with my family.

Years Attending Riverside: 21

More info: I have taught in public schools for 28 years. I love teaching and am honored to be a part of my students’ lives. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and fantastic kids. It is a joy to watch them grow in grace and truth with love for our savior. Daily I am in awe of God’s grace and mercy, his endless and unconditional love.
Brent Scheideman - Elder

Brent Scheideman


Occupation: Doctor of Chiropractic

Family Members: Wife Tricia, Sons Eli and Milo

Hobbies: Sports, outdoors, coaching, travel, family memory makers.

Years attended Riverside: 19

More info: My wife and I have been excited to be a part of a church that is intentionally outward focused. What joy it is to witness life change thanks to God's grace and mercy in our lives.