In the New Testament, baptism was virtually the first thing a new Christ follower willfully did after responding in faith to the good news of Jesus. As modeled in the Bible, baptism is an act of obedience that Christ expects of every believer. It is an outward sign of an inward conversion experience - a celebration of new life. Though some traditions practice the act of baptism differently, the Bible's examples show that people were old enough to come to a choice of faith, & then they got baptized - totally immersed - in water. That's why we do it that way. is it & why should I consider baptism?

>> Watch a highlight video from last summer's baptism.

>> Pastor Tom shares a message about what baptism is.  Follow along with the study guide.

>> View the Baptism FAQ booklet to find more answers. Next Steps for Baptism

1>>  Watch the online message & follow along with the study guide.

2>>  Submit your baptism testimony.  Complete the online form or print a paper copy.

Once we receive notification of your desire to pursue baptism, we'll connect you with a Pastor or Elder so you can share your story and learn more about our next baptism celebration.

Our next baptism service will be on Sunday, April 25th.

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