Try a First Serve!

What's a First Serve, you ask?

Just what it sounds like -- you try serving somewhere, just once, for the first time.

We usually check with you after a First Serve to see how your experience was, but no one will ever pressure you to keep volunteering.

Not quite the right fit?  That's okay -- try something else instead!  There are enough places to serve at Riverside we can almost always find volunteers a place which honors their schedule, personality, gifts and passions.

We love to see how God changes people through giving of themselves -- both the people serving and those being blessed by their service.  Friendships develop, growth happens, and finding that 'sweet spot,' that place God has especially designed you to volunteer, well that makes serving transform from a 'have to' to a 'get to!'

Ready to Give it a Try?

Look here for some volunteer descriptions you might like to try
Click here to complete a form letting us know you're ready to try a First Serve!

Not finding quite what you had in mind?

Send us an email and we'll spend a little more time talking about what you like to do, when you are available, and where you might fit.  In addition to the bigger groups we list, there are also lots of  'niches' where you might find just the right fit.