Snapshot (Watching God at Work)

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Fall 2018 has gotten off to a great start! We're celebrating all the ways we see God at work in the lives of those who call Riverside their church home.
It would be easy for people to justify 'taking summer off,' but that's not what happens at our campuses! Check out some of the amazing things happening with God's help through the people of Riverside.
and we have so much to be grateful for as we've watched God's hand at work in the lives of many.
It's always a joy to watch as people discover the 'next step' God has in mind for them, and April provided many opportunities for Riversider's of all ages to engage in theirs.
As we look back at the Grand Opening of our new multisite campus in Sauk Rapids and look ahead to Easter, it's an exciting season to be part of God's work at Riverside!
We've had an exciting beginning to 2018! We're excited for the steps we see people taking in their walk of faith and look forward to seeing how God will be at work in our new campus in Sauk Rapids next month.