Snapshot (Watching God at Work)

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God was at work in some ways big and small in the month of April.
But it's still been a great month at Riverside! Check out this month's blog for details on the ways God has been at work through your engagement, as well as what's coming!
2018 was a remarkable year at Riverside! We saw many people take exciting 'next steps' and we took one too when we opened our first ever multi site - a campus in Sauk Rapids. We celebrate all God has been at work doing this past year even as we look forward to what He will do in 2019!
It's been exciting to see so many people taking the 'next step' that God has for them. Whether that has been coming to church for the first time, baptism, membership, attending a small group, serving, or saying YES to a relationship with Jesus, we're excited to celebrate how God has been at work this month.
Fall 2018 has gotten off to a great start! We're celebrating all the ways we see God at work in the lives of those who call Riverside their church home.
It would be easy for people to justify 'taking summer off,' but that's not what happens at our campuses! Check out some of the amazing things happening with God's help through the people of Riverside.