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Celebrating Easter!

Experiencing grace, finding mercy ...

It happens with the help of people like you 

April was an amazing month, one where God used the time, talent, and financial resources of Riversiders to reach people with life-transforming truth.  Whether it was the student Easter Experience, our Easter weekend services, or the series on mercy leading into that week, we’ve heard many, many stories from people of all ages on how God is meeting them right where they are.   Here are a few ways God was at work this April:
Those numbers all represent people God cares about and for; thank you for choosing to partner with Him to bring hope, present truth, offer encouragement, and perhaps help someone see church and a walk of faith in an entirely different way than they’ve ever experienced.  What you do matters and we are grateful for you.
As Riverside comes to the last weeks of our fiscal year (our operating year runs from July 1—June 30) we’d like to thank you for engaging in the grace of giving.  We know sometimes people have questions about how to view or update their giving profiles, so we have included a few links below to help you access your giving information at any time.

As summer approaches and sometimes our attendance patterns change, I want to challenge you to take one of these 3 steps.

** If you are not giving regularly, begin today. 
Use digital giving as a tool to consistently give back to God what He has given you; start with a recurring gift of a small amount if this is a big step of faith for you.

** If you are giving, but not digitally -- give it a try - it is safe, easy and convenient.  You can set up and manage your account no matter where you are through text to give, or your profile in The Current.

** If you are giving digitally, consider these two things
If you are not already doing so, set up an automatic, recurring gift that will make sure your offering is conveniently given in the dollar amount and at the time which works best for you (see page 3 of attachment).

If you already have a recurring gift set up, but haven't reviewed your history for awhile, check your Giving Statement to see if you are still satisfied with your level of generosity.  If not, consider an increase in your donation.

Thank you, church family, for engaging in the grace of giving.  If you have any other questions, or would prefer to talk to a live person, you can call our office (763.263.2410) and ask to talk to our Accounting Director, Judy Slocum, or my Executive Assistant, Lisa Abbott.

God Bless You!
 Pastor Tom