Sit With Me

We all wonder about things. We have questions.  Sometimes they are curious questions, sometimes they are concerned questions. Sometimes we feel like we find answers and other times we feel like we don’t.  Big questions take intentional time and space to work out, and in our very full lives it can be easy to miss sitting down together to really talkā€¦to really process something important.  

Maybe part of your wrestle is even with questions you have about faith, about God.  For four weeks this summer, we're asking you to carve out the time to join us.  Let’s sit together and talk about a few questions we all ask from time-to-time...about ourselves and in the context of our most important relationships.   Real conversation just might lead to better answers; come sit with us.


Series Schedule

August 11th >>   "What if it's True?"
August 18th >> "What if I Missed it?"
August 25th >> "What if You Really Knew Me?"
September 1st >> "What if There's More to the Story?"


Ask Others to Sit with You!

No matter where we are in a walk of faith, we all go through times of doubt, skewed perspective, or fear of rejection.  Invite others to join you for services and let's discover together if Jesus can make all the difference!

Big Lake services  || 8:45, 10:30 or 12:05
Sauk Rapids services || 9:00 or 10:45am.


Need Directions?

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