The Rhythm of Life

Does this season of the year seem to drag by for you?  The commitment to New Year's resolutions may have faded.  The weather in Minnesota is still not spring (mostly gray, drab and uninspiring).  The special days and holidays are fading farther into the rear view mirror and maybe now your kids are stuck at home missing their friends and regular school activities.  It can be really hard to stay focused on goals and maintain a cheerful spirit, right?

What if you didn't have to plow through life, those sometimes unrelenting struggles, on your own, in your own strength?  What if there was a power source you could plug in to which gave you perspective, provided encouragement,and reminded you you are never alone?  Could that make a difference in the rhythm of how you walk through your days, your moments, your life?

Join us for a series which may provide just the boost you need!  Our team will unpack truths from God's Word about the life, power, and love available to everyone.  Learn how a right understanding, access to helpful tools, and the support of a vibrant community of faith can make all the difference.  You are loved, you have gifts unique to only you, and YOU MATTER...come sit with us in the comfort of your own home...we'd love to share more.


Invite Others!

We believe you will find this to be a helpful series, filled with application and instruction you can remember and put to use.  Know some friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers who need hope and direction?  Encourage them to join you online at 8:45 10:30 or 12:05.  Direct links are available Sundays on our homepage or Facebook page. Catch up on past messages or watch online at your convenience here.