Riverside Students

Who We Are

We love this generation!

Maybe you do, too. Perhaps you're a parent hoping your son or daughter will be well-invested into. Or it could be you're a student wanting to learn if we'll welcome you in and help you take your next steps with God. We're so honored that you would ask these questions, because we want to help you ask and answer an even deeper question.

You see, we're a community of students, adult leaders and parents just like you who are choosing to take our next steps spiritually. Every ministry is driven by something - a guiding force that determines the direction and goals for the individual or the group. While we do our best to be at our best, we've recognized that we're flawed and need Jesus Christ just as much as anyone. That means Riverside Students (RS) will never be perfect nor built around programs, personalities or gimmicks. Rather, we're a whole team of people working on an everyday, real relationship with God Himself and His eternal purposes.

Jesus-Centered, Outward-Focused

Riverside Students (RS) is a Jesus-centered, outward-focused ministry for Middle School and High School students. Simply put, we are absolutely committed to loving and leading the emerging generation to say “YES” to Jesus, explore who God made them to be and equip them to reach others for Christ. We do this through relationships that are formed through our weekly gatherings and strategic events so that every student can take part in a grace-giving community of peers and leaders willing to walk alongside of them throughout the highlights and hurdles of life.

In simple words, we don't just want to talk about Jesus and admire Him as a religion but want to encounter Jesus and personally know Him for who He really is.

It's why our desire is that each student gets to experience grace, grow in love and give of themselves.

That is the foundation of our student ministry, because Jesus Christ is the foundation of our student ministry. Among us you'll hear every kind of story imaginable, and we'd love to hear your story... because we're interested in God and how interested He is in everyone. We would love for every area student to be a part of what He is doing here, so join us this week.

We gather in two locations - Big Lake and Sauk Rapids - from 630pm-830pm.

Welcome home. Welcome to Riverside Students.


Serve with Us

http://www.myriversidechurch.com/uploads/IMG_20180815_202352799.jpgWe are always looking for awesome adults who are passionate about building relationships and making a difference in student's lives. Our hope is to raise up a generation of Christ-centered difference-makers while having a lot of fun connecting along the way. Click here for more information about serving with students.

Serving Opportunities for Students

Hey Students! We are creating some awesome ways for you to give of yourself by serving here at Riverside Church. More info to come! 



Questions? We'd love to help! Please contact the Riverside Student's administrative assistant Hailey.


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